Cairns Regional Council - Domestic Water Meter Tests 20mm & 25mm - Terms and Conditions

Domestic Water Meter Testing 20mm & 25mm

  • In order for your application to be considered, you will need to attach a digital copy of:
    • Signed owner's consent form/s ? if there are multiple owners, the consent of each owner is required.
  • Fees are to be paid with this application.
  • An off-site test will be made on the water meter and a temporary water meter will be installed for the duration of the test.
  • Please allow for 10-20 business days for completion of your meter test. A letter containing the test results will be sent to the applicant within this timeframe.
  • If the meter is proven to be accurate in its registration then the fee is forfeited to Water & Waste, however, if found to be over-reading outside the limits of accuracy then a new water meter will be fitted and the fee refunded. Furthermore, if the meter is under reading, it may also be replaced at Water & Waste?s discretion.

Terms and conditions of Domestic Water Meter Testing 20mm & 25mm

  • Application will not be assessed until your application is properly made and paid in full.
  • Cairns Regional Council – Information Privacy Statement
    Your personal information has been collected for the purpose of assessing your application for Testing of a Water Meter. You are providing personal information which will be used for the purpose of delivering services and carrying out Council business. Your personal information is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 and will be accessed by persons who have been authorised to do so. Your information will not be given to any other person or agency unless you have given us permission to or the disclosure is required by law.

Please ensure you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the application before proceeding.