Cairns Regional Council - Express Development Assessment Application - Terms and Conditions

Express Development Assessment Application

Express DA is an accelerated assessment initiative for accredited consultants only. If you are not an accredited consultant, you will not be eligible to lodge a development application through this Express DA portal. All development applications lodged outside the Express DA program must be lodged through the Development Applications Portal.

To become an accredited consultant, refer to our Cairns Regional Council's website for further information.

Lodging an Express DA
  • You must submit your application material for a 'pre-submission validity check' via this portal before submitting your development application.
  • You can only apply for a development application via Express DA if you have undertaken a pre-submission validity check and received an Invitation to Lodge letter.
  • All development application fees for Express DA's must be paid prior to lodging the development application to avoid any unnecessary delays in processing payment.
  • The fees associated with your application and the payment link will be provided in your Invitation to Lodge letter.
  • Any amendments required to your application material will be outlined in your Invitation to Lodge letter. All amendments must be actioned prior to lodging your Express DA.

You will require the following information to proceed with lodging your Express DA:

  • Your accredited consultant's number, found on the original confirmation of accreditation letter
  • Your receipt for payment of your development application fees - provided by BPoint at the time of payment

NOTE: The pre-submission validity check is mandatory and FREE. You do not need to provide a receipt number for a pre-submission validity check. Please enter '0' in the receipt field when submitting a pre-submission validity check.

General information for lodging development applications
  • Online applications can be made via desktop or laptop devices. Mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets) are not currently supported.
  • This is a lodgement service only and acceptance of this application does not constitute a Properly Made Application. Council officers will contact you in due course to advise whether the application is properly made.
  • A Properly Made Development Application requires:
DA Online: technical issues

Please combine all documents into a single file prior to uploading to our website. Ensure any password protection is removed from your file. If you lodge an application but do NOT receive a confirmation email, please email your details to as soon as possible to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner.


Terms and conditions of Development Assessment Application

  • Application is to be properly made, including all relevant documentation filled out correctly.
  • Please be aware that additional approvals may be required upon review of application.
  • Please be aware that additional fees may be required upon review of your application.
  • Application will not be assessed until your development application is properly made and fees paid in full.

Please ensure you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the application before proceeding.