Cairns Regional Council - Land Record Search Request Terms and Conditions

Land Record Search Request

There are a number of searches available which can be requested online.
To request a search, please continue with this online application by agreeing with the terms and conditions below.

Important Information:

  • Multiple assessments: A separate application must be lodged for each individual assessment.
  • Payment: Payment by credit card (Visa and MasterCard only) is required on submission of this form. We do not accept over-the-phone credit card payments for Land Record Search applications.
  • Tax Receipt: You will not automatically receive a Tax Receipt by email. Once you have submitted the application and your payment has been successful, a Tax Receipt can be printed. A Tax Receipt will be emailed upon request.

Please call Customer Service on 1300 69 22 47 if you require any assistance.

Search Fee
RATES - Ph: (07) 4044 3170
Rates $96.60
WATER METER READS - Ph: (07) 4044 8216 to check if a water meter is connected
Water Meter Reading - 5 working days $45.50
Water Meter Reading - 24 hours $74.30
PLUMBING & TRADE WASTE - Ph: (07) 4044 8235      All searches are non-refundable
Provision of Sewer Mains/as Constructed Drainage Plans - 2 working days $61.20
Trade Waste Information - 7 working days $234.90
TOWN PLANNING - Ph: 1300 69 22 47
Certificate - 2 working days from date of receipt $500.00
Certificate - 5 working days from date of receipt $250.00
Certificate - 10 working days from date of receipt $750.00
Certificate - 30 business Days from date of receipt $1500.00
Letter of Enquiry - 10 working days from date of receipt $500.00
BUILDING - Ph: (07) 4044 3583      All searches are non-refundable and take up to 10 working days
All search fees are non-refundable and as Council may not hold the requested information, searches are ordered at your own discretion
Swimming Pool Compliance       (check state Government website prior to ordering search) $350.00
Certificate of Occupancy (formerly Certificate of Classification) (costing is per certificate) $100.00
Permit Search - Domestic (includes units) (Confirm whether structures are approved and finalized on property) $100.00
Permit Search - Commercial $500.00
Date & Original Cost of Building Construction $100.00
Building Notices Search $100.00
FLOOD - Ph: 1300 69 22 47
Flood Zone and Storm Tide Information - 5 working days $168.70
HEALTH - Ph: (07) 4044 3237
An Authorisation Release information form is required to be uploaded as part of this application prior to any Health searches being conducted.
The form can be downloaded here
Health Pre-Sale Search (inspection included) $398.00

Terms and conditions of Land Record Search Request

Information Privacy Statement: Your personal information has been collected for the purpose of assessing your application for a land search. The collection of this information is in accordance with the Local Government Act 2009. You are providing personal information which will be used for the purpose of delivering services and carrying out Council business. Your personal information is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 and will be accessed by persons who have been authorised to do so. Your information will not be given to any other person or agency unless you have given Council permission or the disclosure is required by law. The information requested by you will be extracted from Council's records in response to your request. The Council's records do not necessarily reflect the actual state of the property or matters relating to the property or the degree of compliance with relevant requirements. Persons making decisions with financial or legal implications will not be able to rely upon the information supplied for the purpose of determining whether any particular facts or circumstances exist and the Council expressly disclaims any invitation to place such reliance on the information. Persons must obtain their own professional advice on these matters. The Council (and its officers and agents) contract to supply information only on this basis. Further information on the limits of the information supplied may be included in the information supplied.

Please ensure you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the application before proceeding.