Cairns Regional Council - 20mm Urban Domestic Water Service Terms and Conditions

20mm Urban Domestic Water Service

  • If this application is to install a 20mm water service to a proposed subdivision, please contact Cairns Regional Council's customer service centre to request a quote - do not complete this form.
  • Please allow for 10-20 business days for assessment of your Water Services Application. This time frame may increase if further information or approvals are required.
  • In order for your application to be considered, you will need to attach a digital copy of:
    • Signed owner's consent form/s — if there are multiple owners, the consent of each owner is required. Please click here to download the electronic owner consent form which needs to be uploaded with your application
  • You may also attach a map of your preferred meter location. However, please be aware that the placement of the meter will depend on individual site inspection, and is at Council's discretion
  • Fees and charges.

Terms and conditions of 20mm Urban Domestic Water Service

  • Application is to be properly made, including all relevant documentation filled out correctly.
  • Please be aware that additional fees may be required upon review of your application.
  • Application will not be assessed until your water services application is properly made and paid in full.
  • Note: For a standard 20mm domestic water service to be provided, a water main must be available:
    • Within 2.9 metres of the property boundary for residential lots, or
    • 1.5 metres from the edge of the roadway on the same side of the lot for low density residential lots
  • No allowance has been made for cutting and reinstatement of footpaths, driveways, roadways, etc.
    Should the installation not meet the above requirements, the application will be forwarded to Water Operations to provide the applicant with a quote for the additional work.

Please ensure you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the application before proceeding.